During the coronacrisis we have slightly limited the number of dishes in the take away menu. You can order all set menu's and from the a la carte menu all the dishes where you can still see the usual price (0,00 is not possible).

Midweek menu  (38,75 euro, 2 p.) Not available in the weekend
65.   Plaa thod kratiem
Deep fried whole sea breem with garlic and oyster sauce, and
57.*  Kaeng ka rie koeng* 
Yellow curry with prawns, pumpkin and onion, and
86.**Yam nua yang** Beef salad with tomato, cucumber and coriander leave

Extra: 217.*** Spicy Thai soup with prawns + 6,00 euro
Extra: 197. Banana in coconut sauce + 4,50 euro
Extra: 201-204: ice cream at choice + 2,95 euro

Picture at the right: corona safety in the shop